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Yohji Yamamoto / Yohji Yamamoto +NOIR 2015-16 Autumn/Winter Collection

2016/7/7/Thu. 〈 INFORMATION DESK 〉

YOHJI YAMAMOTO FEMME / +NOIR - On July 8, 2016 the 2016-17 Autumn/Winter collection will be launched in all our shops nationwide in Japan.

Yohji Yamamoto
2016-17 Autumn/Winter Collection
'Subtraction of Aesthetics'
Every inch of beauty serves a purpose leaving nothing to be spared. Piece by piece components are intricately subtracted and slashed away refining the character at its core. Dropped-shoulders resembling inverted trapezoids, a sleek pencil-like silhouette from the shoulders down to the
ankles flowing like strong yet supple steel, and gloss, sharp and still, reflecting and swiftly drawing back.
A straightforward simplicity yet nothing overlooked, outshining a plethora of décor and alluding the female image.

Yohji Yamamoto

YOHJI YAMAMOTO Homme 2016-17 Autumn / Winter

2016/7/7/Thu. 〈 INFORMATION DESK 〉

YOHJI YAMAMOTO HOMME - On July 8, 2016 the 2016-17 Autumn/Winter collection will be launched in all our shops nationwide in Japan.

YAMAMOTO HOMME 2016-17 Autumn/Winter Collection
'Adolescent Cry'
A time where teenagers face the real world and the realities of society.
Comically expressing a teenage boy in his bedroom impulsively dressing in maximum layers of clothing- a series in the collection of T-shirts worn over down jackets. Conversely, the vantage series characterized by bounded belts and straps, tells the time in every teenagers life where they struggle to move forward and proceed. The fear, anxiety and frustration accompanied during this time can be seen as a sign of adolescent awakening. Incorporating Japanese actress Rie Miyazawa’s pure one stroke art sketches, we reminisce of the fleeting dreams of boyhood that are intricately embroidered onto the coats and jackets. Looking through the innocent eyes and untainted perspective of the world of an adolescent boy, you may discover a genuine understanding of our society.


2016-17 Autumn/Winter Collection

2016/7/7/Thu. 〈 INFORMATION DESK 〉

On July 8, 2016 the 2016-17 Autumn/Winter collection will be launched in all our shops nationwide.

The theme of this season is "NONCONFORMIST".
We propose storong and dignified collection.

Also, a new collection of Y's PINK LABEL is available at the same time.

We look forward to seeing you.


2016-17 Autumn/Winter Collection
Y's × VAGUE WATCH CO. Collaboration start!!

2016/7/6/Wed. 〈 INFORMATION DESK 〉

In Y's 2016-17 Autumn/Winter Collection, we collaborate with "VAGUE WATCH CO." and release a wrist watch which was designed based on the chronograph timepiece,"2EYES".

The belt, the case, the stem, the push button, and so on are all
blacked out and designed minimally.
Red color used partially on the face makes this product not only simple but also impressive.
We could make this product more contemporary due to adding detailed design to the classical factor of the original models which can be seen in the design of the face and the shape of the windshield glass for example.

The white or red "Y's" logo are put on the face. As for the type of white-colored logo a tachymeter scale is red and as for the type of red-colored logo a tachymeter scale is white.
Futhermore, as to the type of red-colored logo the bac,k of a 24-hour clock and a 60-minute clock on the face are colored off-white.
Each model has NATO belt made of nylon and a calfleather belt that are replaceable. NATO belt (nylon) is washable and so is ideal for summer season!
On the other hand, a calfleather belt which is embossed "Y's" and "VAGUE WATCH CO."on the back side is specially designed for this collabotation.
Each model has a case of 38mm size and are available for both a male and a female.

These collaboration products are available in all Y's shop in Japan on July 8, 2016.

Y’s × VAGUE WATCH CO. <WHITE / RED> \36,000(not including tax)
※The belt and the body is black only.


côte & ciel + Y’s Collaboration bag

2016/6/16/Thu. 〈 INFORMATION DESK 〉

côte & ciel products are ergonomically designed to meet the needs of the human body. Efficient and innovative, items can be retrieved with ease while also keeping office essentials such as the PC in mind by providing sufficient space and comfort in every product. These are the iconic characteristics of a côte & ciel bag. Y’s has collaborated to leverage the foundation of two côte & ciel bags while adding details of Y’s elements and drawing in a mode appeal.

The carries the futuristic design of the Isar and is the first compact version of this model prompted by its collaboration with Y’s. A unisex bag small in size and easily adaptable for ladies, while also a suitable option for males seeking a compact yet functional backpack. The features black leather tape mounted over the nylon of the zipper adding a chic design feature while functionally keeping water out.

The <Moselle Echo> takes on the prominent shape of the “Moselle” which is round in shape and formed like a raindrop. Black leather tape is also modestly used on this model to cover the nylon tape of the zipper. Though pockets are usually featured on the inside of the bag, the <Moselle Echo>collaboration backpack uniquely features its pockets on the exterior making it easily accesible to retrieve small items.

Both models are created with “Eco Yarn”, a durable material that has been developed through an environmentally friendly process. This fabric has a textured matte finish and a chic appearance while also sustaining its functionality. The inner compartment features dual sided pads dedicated to protect laptops and other devices. While the entirety of the bag serves a functional purpose, the bold visual design has been softened and created with an ergonomic definition and a polished finish. Similarly, the features padded shoulder strap opposed to an ordinary strap. This design functionality prevents fatique on the shoulders when carrying the bag for extended periods of time.

Y’s × côte & ciel <Moselle Echo> ¥44,000(not including tax)
Color: Black (Available in one color only)
Device Space: Up to 13 Inches
Unisex Item

Y’s × côte & ciel <Small Isar Echo> ¥48,000(not including tax)
Color: Black (Available in one color only)
Device Space: Up to 13 Inches
Unisex Item

Y’s × Côte & Ciel products will be available nationwide in all Y’s stores from June 17th, 2016 (Friday).


RISMAT by Y's 2016-17 Autumn/Winter Collection

2016/6/15/Wed. 〈 INFORMATION DESK 〉

RISMAT by Y's is focused on knit wear with a playful touch.
With carefully chosen material and patterns drawn for comfort, each item has its unique silhouette with minimalistic design, based on Y's' philosophy of “subtraction.”

In June, a new collection is coming.
This collection focuses on innerwear, loungewear, and street clothes and each item are minimal design.
Over volume and layerd style achieve tough and stylish image remaining the best confort.

A selection of this collection has been pre-launched at Isetan Shinjyuku in mid June.
The collection will be out in all Y's stores nationwide.
The selection of items and the launch date will differ at each sales point.